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Imagination at work

We offer a wide selection of custom tours to satisfy your spirit of discovery and need for a tailored experience. Browse through the selection offered here and call us to get deeper into details and options available. We are happy to discuss other ideas you might have. We always try to establish a clear understanding of what your expectations are in order to arrange unforgettable experiences.
Custom tour implies the flexibility to work around your wishes, schedule and timeline. We will clearly discuss the restrictions related to weather and tides while building your custom tour. We set the utmost importance on safety, however it needs to be understood that we expect you to only join us on these tours if you can honestly assess your fitness level as sufficient. A sufficient fitness level implies the ability to comfortably hike on uneven surfaces for up to 3 miles, being fine with not having access to any man made facilities for the time of your tour.
We typically use our Cessna 185 to cater these tours and the flight is a very special part of the experience. Our Cessna 185 seats up to 4 passengers and gear.

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