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  • What is your cancelation policy
    If you decide to cancel your tour: 60-31 days prior to your departure date: there is a 50% cancellation fee, 50% of the entire trip value (not 50% of the amount deposited) 30-0 days prior to your departure date: there is a 100% cancellation fee, 100% of the entire trip value He very highly recommend you contract travel insurance. We do not make exceptions for any Covid related cancelations anymore. If we are forced to cancel the tour due to inclement weather, a mechanical interruption or the absence of bears, there is no charge at all. We will do our very best to reschedule your tour or offer a full refund if it is not possible to reschedule.
  • Guarantee to see bears in the wilderness - what does this mean?
    It means that you will see bears, without your binoculars, from the ground, on our tour or you will get a 100% refund. We have years of dedicated practice in the field and pride ourselves in constantly searching for the best bear viewing opportunities. This is what makes us comfortable to provide such a guarantee.
  • Is there an age limit for your tours?
    Yes, the minimum age is 8 years old but we often make exceptions, so contact us if are traveling with a younger child. Especially if your are interested in custom tours. We also ask anyone to be honest with yourself in assessing your fitness level, and this is not directly correlated with your age, that's why we do not apply and age limit. There are not trails, no facilities and the weather can be challenging. You will be out of your usual comfort zone, which can be beneficiary for most.
  • Is there a maximum weight?
    Yes, our aircraft have a limited weight capacity which is scrupulously respected. It is your responsibility to update us on weight changes. If, at the time of your tour, it becomes apparent that your weight is not what you provided in advance, intentionally or not, and the aircraft capacity is exceeded as a result, we will not let you board the flight. This will be without any reimbursement. So please be honest and communicate with us. We always try our best to make it all work out. The limitations are 3 fold: Guests who exceed 235lbs/105 Kg, clothing and footwear included, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. We usually charge a 50% premium or 1.5 seats if a person weighs between 235+and 285lbs/105-130Kg the maximum weight is 285lbs/130Kg, clothing and footwear included, this is a structural limitation for the seat design. if a person weighs more than 285lbs in good health, there is the option to buy 2 seats in the aircraft and spread comfortably. Contact us.
  • Are there any health restrictions?
    Yes, we expect our clients to be healthy enough to comfortably walk up to 5 miles over uneven surface within 4 hours. There is strictly zero access to any facilities and the weather in Alaska tends to be challenging. Please contact us and communicate any health concerns, we can assess together
  • When are the salmon running?
    Of course the Salmon runs will vary from year to year and differ slightly between rivers along the coast and it is not possible to predict them with absolute accuracy. In general we start to see a few salmon running in late July and the majority of the run happening throughout August.
  • When is the peak time to view bears?
    The bear viewing opportunities vary throughout the season and also from year to year. We see the greatest number of bears in mid to late June through mid July.
  • Is there any other way to get there besides by airplane?
    Driving is not possible and a boat ride would take about 2 days. Like most of Alaska, it is accessible by air only.
  • Can I bring food along on the tour?
    Absolutely, it's a long day! We recommend bringing a picnic, snacks and water along with you. Please avoid any smelly meat/fish products or messy lunches.
  • What is the weather like?
    The weather on the coast is very unpredictable. Temperatures can range between 45 and 70 degrees, even lower in September and higher in July. Please note the weather can be very different from the weather prevalent in Homer. We recommend that you show up prepared for most any weather. See the checklist of items to bring link at the top of this page.
  • How far and how difficult is the walk?
    We walk up to 3 miles on a typical tour. The walking is not considered difficult but we travel over rough areas when crossing the dunes close to the beach and streams. The terrain is sloping and unlevel, soft and sandy but there is almost no elevation gain on our tours.
  • When are the tours available?
    We live in Homer and are open year round, although the high activity is seasonal between mid May and mid September. Winter flying is incredibly gorgeous. We generally operate our bear viewing tours between May 20 and September 15.
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